What is this...?

Black Hole

May contain traces of nut
I am hoping somebody can tell me what make of connector this is. As a general description it is a 0.1" pitch single row cable-to-PCB interconnect system, and this is the crimp housing for the cable end (the PCB end is a row of pins in a plastic box housing, probably 0.025" square pins - most are).

There are lots of types of these, but the distinguishing feature is the polarising lumps which are also latches (not very clear in the photo, but I have enhanced the contrast). These click into similar slots on the pin housing, separate for 3-way upwards but as a single wide slot in the 2-way housing.

I have done a Google, and looked at loads of illustrations, so don't bother unless you have time on your hands. The hope is that somebody has seen one before and knows what it is.

Thanks all, I'll follow those leads. It will be handy if it is the same as a fan connector.
Thanks all, I'll follow those leads. It will be handy if it is the same as a fan connector.

You need to see a doctor about it, though. If it fell off you, you may get overheated. It looks like a boring old fan connector to me, too. Do you have any fans? I am sure you must attract fans. Black Holes tend to attract just about anything. :D
Doesn't load. Dunno what you're talking about anyway - I need to connect to existing equipment, not choose something vaguely similar.

I think it's a JST XH 2.5mm connector.


Specifically, the XHP-3
Yep, it's tricky telling the difference between 2.5mm pitch and 0.1" when you only have three pins in a row, but the external dimensions and details of the moulding compare well with those in the datasheet for the XHP-3 version, so I reckon we have a match. Thanks.
Ah, so you have wires one end but not the other. Another picture, or a bit more explanation, would have made that clear.

I'm out.
Everyone else (ie those with relevant domain knowledge) got the right idea, the first sentence of post 1 seems clear to me.

I have discovered these are commonly used in RC modelling for battery connectors, post 3 is on the button.