What log should I check


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I set a recording for bourne identity for last Saturday. I was surprised to see the t2 giving me the option to record series.

on checking the recordings it turns out that the t2 did not record the after news part, which I thought used to be called split recordings.

does it mean that the stupid itv never gave the start signal for the second part?
I suspect that "stupid itv" didn't set it up right.

Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug yesterday on ITV2 was the same. Both parts were set as series link but not actually linked to each other (or anything else, I think), rather than as a split recording. Fortunately I noticed and recorded each part separately.
I attempted to set up a recording for the new Ripper Street series but was only offered the chance to record single programme so stupidity with series link extends to the BBC as well :(
It looks like an ITV problem. There is a film on ITV2 on Saturday evening called Hall Pass that is split by a news bulletin. There is no 'green jigsaw' symbol and if you select record programme, it only sets up recording for the first half. There is a series record option, but that doesn't schedule the second half either.
at least we can get a response from the bbc but when I pointed out to the itv problems in their epg I got no acknowledgement whatsoever.
Been getting a lot of problems with ITV atm being lazy with split programs (why the hell they have to put that crappy 5 minute entertainment news program in the middle of films?). The least they could do is simply include it in the recording if they cant be bothered to use the split flags.

BBC are also putting programs that are part of a series as individual programs and other one off programs are being marked as series. Its a damn shambles.

Both broadcasters seem to have been causing these problems a lot more in the last month or so for me (NW England).