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what software do you use to make .TS files into a DVD Video ?

Discussion in 'Audio/Video File Manipulation' started by timmy_toad, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. timmy_toad

    timmy_toad Member

    Hi chaps, i promise this is the last question today !.

    I have an Apple MacBookPro for which i purchased some excellent software for converting .TS files to DVD Video, today it started OK but then it decided to NOT work properly, dam.
    I was then able to Boot into Windows 7 and i found some free software called Freemake Video Convertor which did the job perfectly for just one .TS file and then it started crashing everytime i tried to convert any more files, dam.
    Of course i might have some computer trouble, i hope not, it works ok at all other times.
    So can i please ask, what Software do you chaps use to convert .TS files to DVD Video ?.
    preferably free and proven to to be easy to use, most important LOL.

    Thanks, Tim
  2. Ezra Pound

    Ezra Pound Well-Known Member

    For Standard Definition TS files it is already in MPEG2 format, so if you rename it e.g. name.ts to name.mpg any DVD authoring software will take in the mpg and build the VOB structure used in a DVD. Nero Vision express will take in the mpg files and produce a DVD, this is usually bundled free with computers / DVD writers
  3. Black Hole

    Black Hole Theloniuos Abbot

    Windows Live Movie Maker
  4. HarveyB

    HarveyB Active Member

    TmpgEnc Authoring Works. Costs $99 but does excellent job.

    I use it to create NTSC format DVDs for my brother in US.

    Amazing how Sony TVs and DVDs in Europe hand PAL and NTSC but the "same" model I'm US only handles NTSC!!!

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  5. Mike0001

    Mike0001 Well-Known Member

    Do people still make DVDs, then? I just stick stuff on a NAS, after using VideoReDo to clip it to an MPG file without adverts.
  6. Black Hole

    Black Hole Theloniuos Abbot

    @ Timmy Toad: if you look in my INDEX >> Miscellaneous >> Video File Support & Manipulation, there are a number of existing discussion topics which might help.