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What's Happened to My Signature?

Black Hole

May contain traces of nut
Have there been any behind-the-scenes changes to the forum software or settings? My signature panel has changed from a separator line to something obscure, and when I go into the sig settings it doesn't look like that (even in raw mode).



Staff member
I updated the forum software so that it understands limited Markdown syntax alongside BBCode. Unfortunately it's seeing the double underscores as bold markers. I will investigate.
Black Hole

Black Hole

May contain traces of nut
Here's what the paragraph below is supposed to look like:


I'm afraid I find Markdown a bit weird. *bold* I can get on board with, but _italic_ I can't - as far as I am concerned that would be more logical as _underscore_ with /as italic/. What's more, there seem to be different versions of "Markdown" - the one this forum is implementing isn't what Wikipedia says!

And now the damned thing has converted stuff even though I enclosed it all in plain (or even code) tags! Sorry af123, but I think this is a dud we don't need.
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