What's the point?



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Hell's teeth!! There seems to be a lot you can't do! Padding, extend recording time, set manual timers, skip adverts (fast forward?) etc.

Ouch! sums it up.


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Blimey! I have quickly 'scanned' Barry's FAQ's about YouView. Like BH af123 says, I hope that Humax don't stop seeing the HDR-T2! There seems (on the face of it) to be rather a lot of facilities missing from the YouView box that I think we have all come to take for granted on the HDR-T2. Can you believe that there is currently no manual tune option? Very short sighted IMHO.

I have to say that even without the CF, the HDR-T2 is a 'good' PVR, but the CF totally transforms it. It's hard to imagine using it without the CF.

Full marks to all those involved! I am even contemplating getting a second unit as a spare, how sad is that?

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It doesn't seem that long ago that people were telling us not to waste our money buying a Freeview HD recorder, and that we should wait for the Wonderful and soon to be released YouView recorder.:D
I wonder if these same people are going to rush out and buy one now that they are finally available.;)

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Ouch... I hope Humax don't plan to stop selling the HDR Fox T2!
Agreed, It's much worse than I thought. If you think about the tiny 'niggles' people complain about on the HDR forums, they are not going to accept the massive reduction in functionallity of this product

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I couldn't resist listing some YouView Q & A points (I hope Mr Amstrad gets the credit for this ! !) :-

Are my recording saved if I reset the Unit = No
Is there an Edit Channels option = No
Can we set up Favourites = No
Is there a Manual Tuning option = No
Padding of timers = No padding options
Manual schedule times = No
Edit schedule timers = No
Extend instant Record time = No
EPG Programme searches = No (on demand only)
USB file Export = No
WiFi Available = Not at present (Future enhancement)
Can I skip adverts = No
Can I select multiple recordings to delete = No
Is there a folders option = No
Can I record on demand content = No
Power up time = 2 Mins 13 Secs
Power Down time = 6 Mins 7 Secs
Quick power up = 23 Secs (Requires 16.2 Watt Standby)
OTA Software updates = No
Resolution change options = No
Aspect ratio change options = No
Screen Saver = No
Can I use alternate Remote codes = No
Is a CAM slot available = No
Do Vision / Connect channels work = No
Can you skip forward / backwards = No
Is slow motion available = No
FTP Server Available = No
DLNA Server / Client Available = No


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Power up time = 2 Mins 13 Secs
This one horrified me from the start. I presume it's related to the fact that the YouView software itself runs in some sort of virtual environment provided by the Humax software.

I suspect that most of these things aren't down to Humax - they had a tight spec to work with and have no control over the user interface itself but as a PVR company had to get involved. I really hope they continue to develop their own line of PVRs in parallel.


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Fair point, I suppose I was just thinking about accessibility of the code, (from a hacking point of view), that's probably why they have done it
The Youview Spec mandates this. It also specifies per-device encryption of the software image although from the way it's worded it could just be describing HTTPS.
They have to provide USB-installable software as a recovery mechanism (again a YouView requirement) and it would be interesting to see that. It may only be available to people who call up with a problem however so will take a while to leak out.


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YouView box won't let you switch the remote to an alternate code set (so you couldn't use two in same room).

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I feel the list in #26 has somewhat hijacked this thread so I have copied it to the 'Other Humax Terrestrial Products' section HERE