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When recording BBC,cant watch ITV and when recording ITV cant watch BBC.Tuner failure?


New Member
Ive got a Humax 9200T and having problems with the tuners.

Im able to receive all the channels but the problem starts when recording a programme.When recording BBC1 then you arent able to watch ITV,Ch4 or Ch5 but you are able to watch other BBC channels so BBC2,BBC3 or BBC4.

The same applies when recording ITV channels,cant watch BBC Channels.When not recording anything then all channels are viewable.
Ive done a default reset and retuned but with no change.When recording when I change Channel,I get NO or BAD Signal.

Im thinking that one of the tuners has failed which is why I can watch another channel on the same Mux but unable to watch one on another Mux.

Anyone able to help or does it sound like one of the tuners has failed?