When to update?

Barry Sayer

New Member
Hi, followed all the CFW instructions, thanks to those who contributed :)

Is there a good site to check to know when to update? Also, when i update, do i need to do it through the USB dongle way again or can it be done directly?

Last question, when i update, does it remove all my settings? i.e. channel favourites/deleted channels/scheduled recordings etc?

Thanks as always

af123 announces when there is a new CF in this forum section, and I believe there is a Twitter feed or something. There is generally no need to update unless any new facilities are of interest, or if the new CF is to support a new official firmware release. It will involve a manual update by USB, yes.

The firmware install is only a small part of the overall package though. Everything you loaded after the "install" web page is on the hard drive rather than the Flash memory, and the various packages get updated far more often than the CF itself. You can just leave that to the auto-update package (if installed) and forget about it.

Firmware updates (official or custom) do not affect tuning, schedule, etc.

PS: There is CF v2.15 in the wings...