Where is my HD? :(


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Had the HDR T2 for a few months and was revelling in glorious HD. About a fortnight ago, my HD channels went blank. No pixelating, just a black screen. Thinking this might be DSO (and without checking my dates) I rescanned. Ch39 (which carries HD) showed 0% signal and 0% quality. All my other channels show the usual 60-80% strength and 100% quality. Yesterday was DSO for the Emley Moor transmitter. I rescanned, keeping my fingers crossed, but no change. I've checked on my TV and can get everything, HD, SD - the lot. I've done a factory reset, but this hasn't changed things.

Any thoughts from people?

Hi! You would not believe how many manual scans I've done! :(
I wondered for a while if it was anything to do with the new firmware, but I couldn't see why that would be.
Anyway, I've just done a factory reset with hdd format :( and unplugged everything from the back (and replugged, of course!). The only thing I noticed was the aerial cable was twisted round a mains cable and a speaker cable, so I sorted that out (although the tv was showing 94% signal strength). I've now done a channel-by-channel manual rescan, and the long and short of it is that I now have HD back (at 64% strength, 100% quality) which I think is most bizarre, as the box was reporting 0%,0% previously!
So the only thing I can think was causing the problem was the twisted aerial cable, although the tv receiver clearly wasn't affected by that. Still, I now have HD and can watch The One show... Oh dear...!

Cheers for your reply!
HD signals are much more susceptible to electrical interference than the SD ones. When I first got my HDR-Fox-T2 every time I ran my dishwasher I'd intermittently lose my HD picture but the SD signals were unaffected. The dishwasher was on the opposite side of my house too. After much fiddling I resolved the problem by making my own aerial lead using satellite coax with copper shielding. Satellite cable is much better shielded than standard aerial coax and is virtually impervious to electrical interference. Take a look here: http://www.aerialsandtv.com/cableandleads.html
When I do a manual tune (needed because we pick up triple copies from 3 transmitters on auto) the only way it finds any HD is if I change some other setting in the manual tune screen from DVB-T to DVB-T2. Took me a while to figure this out and I remember thinking it was distinctly non-obvious. (Or maybe I needed to read the manual).