Which DLNA server?


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So I've managed to upgrade my box to a 1TB drive and install the custom software.

I'm hoping to be able to stream SD recording to my LG smart TV, or failing that a WD Live Media player connected to the same.

Now I'm a little confused as to which media server to install for the job.

The 2x Twonkys say they are DLNA servers and that Version 5 will be the most compatible with the WD.

However V5 seesm to require a licence key after the 30 day period, but The TWonky store is on to V7 so I can't get myself a key.

I also thought I had seen a utility to install to prevent OTA upgrades? Or is this not needed anymore as I suspect OTA upgrades are few and far between?




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I believe V7.0 keys are backwards compatible with earlier versions but you would need to confirm this with Twonky.