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For those of you with an HDR Fox-T2, could you do me a favour and see which loader version you have on your box(es)? It's displayed at the bottom left of the TV screen during system start or can be viewed in the on-TV menus under system information. Anyone with the Australian loader need not apply : )
Thanks in advance.
Version a7.34 is mostly seen on the revised hardware version of the HDR-FOX, though I have a late original hardware model (MAC address: 08-EB...) that came with a7.34 loaded.
I have 4 off with a7.30, and 1 off RE box with a7.34.

Edit: I have added a Poll prefix to the thread title.
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Just out of interest - what does the percentage column mean in the voting table?
Edit: Versions a7.31 and a7.33 added.
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Who knows. The poll is flawed because you can't indicate more than one box on the same version, yet you can indicate more than one box on different versions.

12 = 63.2% of 19
6 = 31.6% of 19
9 = 47.4% of 19
3 = 15.8% of 19

Only problem is 12 + 6 + 9 + 3 = 30 so the sum of the percentages = 158% :)
So we conclude that the voters have 30/19 = 1.58 boxes each, on average (to two decimal places), subject to the previously mentioned limitation of the voting system.
Quite what use this is is anybody's guess.
Just out of interest - what does the percentage column mean in the voting table?
My guess: the "percentages" are 100 x number-of-votes-in-category / number-of-usernames-voted. They should still be in proportion, if normalised (ie all reduced by the same factor) so that they add up to 100.

However, I don't think that's the point of the exercise. af123 wants to know if there are examples of loader versions 7.31 and 7.32 in the wild.
I don't think this has been posted anywhere, so in case it's of interest of anyone has ideas concerning the missing bits, the loader image contains three sections and a lot of empty space:

1. 29K - CFE Bootloader.
2. 409K - unknown - starts at offset 0x20000
3. 40K - boot splash screen - starts at offset 0xa0000

After the loader in the same flash area is box-specific information such as its MAC address and serial number.

Section 1 is the same in .31 - .34 but differs in .30
Section 2 differs in all loader versions.
Section 3 is identical in all versions.

Section 2 is not valid mips machine code..

[0x00020000]> pd
        ,=< ;-- section.part2:
        ,=< 0x00020000      0000001d       bgtz t0, 0x20004
        `-> 0x00020004      3c55725c       invalid
            0x00020008      80017ff6       sdc1 f31, 0x180(s3)
            0x0002000c      00000000       nop
            0x00020010      22f88cef       swc3 12, -0x7de(gp)
            0x00020014      5ef758da       bbit032 s2, 0x18, 0x1dd90
            0x00020018      6e7bfdfd       sdc3 29, 0x7b6e(t7)
            0x0002001c      ef6f925a       invalid
            0x00020020      92437e68       ldl fp, 0x4392(v1)
            0x00020024      d07a3681       lb s6, 0x7ad0(t1)
            0x00020028      ea6bde4b       invalid
            0x0002002c      5b482eb0       sdl t6, 0x485b(at)

TrID identifies it as a photoshop brush set (I think that's unlikely, although it's pretty sure about it)

TrID/64 - File Identifier v2.20 - (C) 2003-15 By M.Pontello
Definitions found:  6611

File: loader.a730.2
100.0% (.ABR) Adobe PhotoShop Brush (1002/3)

File: loader.a731.2
100.0% (.ABR) Adobe PhotoShop Brush (1002/3)

File: loader.a733.2
100.0% (.ABR) Adobe PhotoShop Brush (1002/3)

File: loader.a734.2
100.0% (.ABR) Adobe PhotoShop Brush (1002/3)
I'm pretty sure it's an LZMA-compressed stage2 for CFE, just haven't had any time (or need) to look at it in more detail.