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Which output mode to use?

And before anybody says, yes I did do a search but I couldn't find anything useful.

The Hummy outputs both 1080i and 1080p, and my TV will accept both.

I've seen things about broadcast format, about upscaling etc etc, but not enough to draw a conclusion. It appears that this may also be a bit subjective.

Anyway; which is it best to set it to??? Discuss ;)


Slightly Pickled
I am sure that I have read somewhere that one is best for 'fast moving' pictures I.E. football, the other for 'general' viewing. I cant remember when or where I heard it. Nor which is which. Not much help but I like to confuse... :)

Black Hole

May contain traces of nut
The vast majority of 1080p-capable TVs will double the frame rate (or even quadruple it in the case of a 100Hz telly) of a 1080i input. 'Tis just a question of whether you prefer the result of the TV doing it or the Humax doing it.