Resolved Why do paused programmes stop when real-time end is reached?


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If I press pause while watching a TV programme, then I can restart the programme successfully when I wish to do so. However, when the real-time broadcast of that programme finishes, my paused playing of it cuts off too.

So if, for example, I have paused a show for ten minutes, then restarted it, I will lose the final ten minutes of my paused playing of it when the real-time broadcast ends.

I hope I've explained that clearly enough!

Any idea how I can solve this problem, please?
Just to enlarge on BH's reply a tad. If you are recording the programme that you are pausing as well as watching it on time slip (paused programme), then it is a 'feature' of the Hummy that it does what you have described. It annoys HWMBO when it happens to me. The way out of it, if you are doing what I have indicated above, is to watch the recording, not the time slip version. I didn't however realise what BH has implies that it also does it as well if you have set the 'next' programme to record.

As an example of when it has happened to me. I have Strictly to record on a schedule (say from 8-9pm, but then watch it in 'real time'. If I then pause the live TV so that the end of the time slip would be after 9pm, then the time slip replay cuts off when Strictly ends transmission at 9pm, missing the last bit. This sounds like the scenario that you are having.
Rather than pressing pause try pressing the instant record button followed by pause if you aren't already recording the programme (If you are note the elapsed time say - 22 minutes, when you want to continue viewing select the recording from the media list and play it, tap 0022 and it will jump to 22 minutes into the programme). When you want to resume viewing press play press media and start to play back the recording. Once watching the recording you can pause rewind etc without losing the end. This assumes you aren't recording two. If so the instant record will warn you.

Tip avoid jumping out of the recording replay if you are near to catching up with real time (due to say ad skipping), use the forward skip key as it will stop working if there is not enough existing recording to make the jump forward.
Many thanks for those prompt replies!

Black Hole - in all honesty I can't be sure whether this has only happened with programmes that I am also recording, but I don't think that is the case.

Trev - thanks for enlarging on that thought. I do understand what you're saying and I will keep it in mind.

grahamlthomson (I'm sure you've been extremely helpful to me on another forum in the past). Many thanks for those very useful tips. At my advanced age I don't think I shall remember the sequences that you recommend, so I shall print them out and keep them with my machine.
I don't know, Trev! I can't see any way of doing so. Many forums have a "resolved" button and I just wondered if there was some mechanism for this. But it's not important.

Thanks for responding.
A moderator can lock the thread as resolved. However somebody else is bound to have similar issues so no real harm in leaving it open.