Why is my display so dim?


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In most lighting conditions, it is barely visible. The FoxSat HDR above it has a bright display in a cooler colour. Why is the T2 so awful?
They seem to vary - see HERE (click). You can remove the filter easily if you open the case, then you get a VFD green display if you like that sort of thing - see the Wiki HERE (click). Trying to make a naturally-greenish light emitter into an orange emitter was never going to work very well!
I can definitely recommend going green, and have done so with two of my boxes.:)
I'd also recommend going green! You can actually see the display when the box is in standby!

It was a slightly more involved procedure than I thought it would be. As long as you're patient and careful you will be fine though.

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Just removed it! You are right, they didn't make it easy to remove!

Anyway, I can actually see that it has a display, at last! Nice one, Humax!