Wi-Fi networking question

Hello, I'm new here - I'm an ex-Toppy user and just took delivery of my HDR-Fox T2 at the weekend and the set-up went extremely smooth.

I also bought the Humax wif-fi dongle, but was concerned that the location of the Humax is too far from the wi-fi router and would result in poor response times. In practice, I'm getting 54mbps (is that good/bad/normal?) and can access iPlayer etc - although they are slow to react they are watchable.

However, what I really want to do is watch programmes recorded on the Hummax from another room on my laptop. Having configured the network settings on the Hummax I can see the box and the video files from my laptop but when I try to play them they just buffer endlessly (I've gone away and left it, but a 30 minute programme was still buffering after 40 mins).

Am I doing anything wrong, and if not any suggestions for resolving this?

Many thanks.
iPlayer is slow, we all suffer from that, but when playing it only needs 2.5mbps (bits). Streaming a HiDef recording to your PC needs 12mbps, but you won't succeed with HiDef because of the copy protection (we can get around that though, check out NEW READERS START HERE near the top of the forum topic listing).

If it is a StDef recording you are having trouble with, the question is: what software are you trying to use to play them with? You need a media player which has DLNA streaming capability. VLC 2.0 will do it, so will XBMC. You will find relevant topics listed in the Index (see NEW READERS START HERE).
Thanks Black Hole. That may be my problem then - I was trying to use Windows Media Player. I'll check out those other applications. Cheers. PC