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Anybody got one?

I acquired a Wii some time ago, when my nephew was trading up to a PS3 (or something - I'm not into all this). I like the idea of the Wii being a party game mediator.

The trouble is: I can't find any decent games for it. My idea of a decent game is one that does not require any deep level of understanding in order to play it, or to have built up a history before it lets you get to the good stuff, or to have to take turns. A WWI flying ace game I bought on eBay to try failed on the second count - it insists on a series of successfully completed training missions before you get to fly around shooting up the other players, and who can be bothered with that?

Mario Kart fails because it's not a simple race - you have to get power-ups etc, and that means understanding what you are trying to do, and therefore reading the manual (if there is one) before playing - or more likely being one of the kids this stuff is aimed at who seem to know about these things instinctively.

Game recommendations and explanations welcome.


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No idea I'm afraid, but I agree with your sentiments. I have played a few 'big' PC games in the past but have given up for similar reasons to those you describe - basically an excessive attempt by the game-devs to 'lock you in'. I prefer something you can just pick up for 10 minutes to an hour and then leave for a month without having to relearn it all again.
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The Wii occupies the fourth input on my HDMI matrix (via an output converter), so it feeds straight into my home cinema setup, and the sensor bar is located under the screen, so I'm well set up if only I can find that killer app!