When going to On my iPAD I get

"safari cannot open the page because too many redirects have occurred"

Seems tobe some sort of circular ref as url flashes a number of times before the error

Works with another browser app though so DNS issue seems fixed

Wiki link from forum also works with other browser but with safari it displays a media temple default page
Still something funny happening with Safari on an iPAD

Link to forum from the main webif page gives the error I mentioned above as does typing in as the URL

Http:// works if typed as the URL. So looks like is not redirecting to this but only with safari.

Wiki link from the forum top menu gives a server default page but again only from Safari

Both work fine on a different browser
Hey kevin,

It'll be cached in Safari - not sure where the option is but you'll need to "Erase Browsing History/Cache/Data" or whatever the option is in Safari for iPad.



Thanks I should of thought of that all working now.

For anyone else with the problem to clear the cache select:

Settings - Safari - Clear History

Thans again

If you completely close Safari and start fresh the cache will be cleared, ditto if the cache runs out of room.