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Windows 7 and downloading from 9200T

Discussion in 'PVR-9200 Freeview Recorder' started by Erica, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. Windows 7 and downloading from 9200T

    Firstly, thanks Michael for setting this up in the interim.
    Secondly, apologies if this has already be answered on hummy.org!

    I have just bought a Windows 7 laptop and want to know before I start trying to remember everything I did to set things up on the old ones (XP, Vista, and quite some time ago) if:

    a) it will work :eek:
    b) what pitfalls there are
    c) does stuff like Cuttermaran and DVD styler still work
    d) is there a link to some recent downloader software - I have an ancient copy of Media eLinker which worked fine previously, but who knows?
    e) or do I just run it all in XP mode and hope for the best?

    Any pointers gratefully received.

  2. Re: Windows 7 and downloading from 9200T

    If the new laptop included W7 then it's likely to be the Home Premium Edition which doesn't have the full XP Mode, for that you need one of the higher versions like Ultimate Edition. However you can run in a compatible mode if you find the executable file (ie prog.exe) and right click on it - from the drop down menu select Properties and then chose the version you wish to be running in (ie XP-SP3, Vista-SP1 etc). You should also click the 'Run as Administrator' box. The next time you run prog.exe it will be run in the compatible mode but within W7.
  3. Re: Windows 7 and downloading from 9200T

    If it worked in Vista then it "should" work in W7 , as is , however if it needs drivers for hardware there may be a need it to run in compatibility mode or download drivers. I am new to Hummy but I like what I see and if you have any problems I will try to help with the Windows s/w if possible. I think that dms is perhaps getting a little confused (no offence meant :oops: ) between XP Mode (ie right clicking on the .exe file and properties and selecting compatibility mode ) and using Windows Virtual XP mode which does need W7 Professional or above.

  4. Re: Windows 7 and downloading from 9200T

    Thanks both, I'll give it a whirl.

    Yes, fell into the MS trap of the differences between Home & Pro re XP mode :oops:

  5. geoffd

    geoffd New Member

    You have probably tried it by now but just in case you haven't, I am downloading from the 9200T using Windows 7 Home Premium without any problems. I use both humaxrw and hummyreadfiles and process using ProjectX, Cuttermaran and DVDStyler. All products run normally and don't need compatibility mode.

    Have fun.