Windows Media Player 12 and .ts files.


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I have just bought a Humax HDR Fox T2 and so far have found it brilliant. I have also spent quite a bit of time on this excellent forum and found a lot of very useful information. (Isn't the manual poorly written and difficult to follow) As a newbie this may already have been answered, if so I apologise. (I have scoured the forum).

I am using Windows 7, 32bit. AMD phenom 2 X4 2Gz with 4GB of ram so the system is pretty powerful.

I can transfer .ts (in std def) files from the Humax on a usb stick and they will play fine in Windows Media Player v12. What WMP wont do is play the same file when it is streamed direct from the Humax using upnp, it becomes choppy with only the odd frame of video and soundtrack. I can get it to work perfectly in XBMC but the interface is horrible and will only work full screen.

I have the full latest pack from K-lite so it shouldnt be a codec problem.

Using my ipad and Buzz Player it can copy files over the network, or stream them and they play fine on the ipad.

Am I missing something or have I got a wrong codec somewhere along the line? Your help would be much appreciated.

I don't think this an incompatable codec problem because I don't think you would get ANY video (However choppy), It seems more like a inability to get a fast enough 'stream' of data, in other words the WMP is dropping frames. This could be due to a poor Wi-Fi connection, or maybe the inability to buffer the video as I assume XBMC is using the same LAN connection
XBMC can be made to run in a window if you want - it's in the settings. The latest VLC is also capable of streaming the Humax output.
I get the same issue (just tried it).

Intially WMP could see the Humax HDR device, but not play the videos (the error suggested the filetype or codec was not supported).
So I added the K-lite pack and now I can play the videos in WMP but the play back is very choppy (though not quite as bad as yours was by the sounds of it).

I also installed VLC but couldn't see how to stream direct from the Humax with that.
I also installed VLC but couldn't see how to stream direct from the Humax with that.

Aha, figured that out now. Not as friendly as WMP which list the Humax as a media player, but in VLC you can "open network stream" and enter a magic URL as described in another thread
To find out the URL, I used WMP and checked the properties of the video I wanted to play. Seems a little roundabout, but...

WMP stutters, VLC seems to be OK.
The latest version of VLC is able to navigate the UPnP without knowing the URL for any particular recording. The WebIF (custom firmware) is able to supply the URL if you need it.
Hmmm, so it does, though not out of the box it seems. I persisted with trying to find settings until I eventually found how to enable it from the command line. Though I still can;t find the Menu it refers to as an alternative.
vlc --services-discovery upnp_intel

I don't have custom s/w (yet).
You don't need the custom firmware to use VLC as a PnP client.
First, make sure Content Share is turned on on the hummy. It may need a few minutes to index content when you turn it on for the first time.
On the PC, open VLC, then View - Playlist - Local Network - Universal Plug'n'Play. You should see the hummy listed and you can navigate to the required file. Files do not need to be decrypted to play by this method as the hummy's content server does the decrypting on the fly. However, I think I'm right in saying that without the CF present to clear the ENC flags only SD files will be available.
I should say that VLC is not very comfortable on low-spec PCs. If playback is uneven, it may well be down to lack of horsepower.
The OP has been using the DLNA URLs, so content sharing must already be enabled. The custom firmware auto-unprotect package is required to access HiDef recordings by the same mechanism.
@fenlander - Sorry, I was just mentioning I didn't have custom firmware since BlackHole mentioned it could also supply the URL.
And yes, that's where the humax turns up in VLC, but not until UPnP is enabled. And the only way I could find to do that was via the command line option I posted above.
VLC was fine, it was WMP that was stuttering (the same as the OP).
Don't think I've ever used WMP.:) I admire VLC for its capabilities, but it must be one of the most unfriendly examples of consumer software I've ever encountered. Why would anyone look for PnP connectivity under 'Playlist'?
Finally cracked this one and can now play both SD and HD files in WMP streamed or downloaded on the network from the Humax. This is how I did it:-

I tried to give details but the forum wouldnt post my reply as it thinks its spam :-(
Finally cracked this one and can now play both SD and HD files in WMP streamed or downloaded on the network from the Humax. This is how I did it:-

Apparently its a codec problem so first thing to do is to download the mega pack for K Lite from codecguide Install it and then download Win7DSFilterTweaker from the same website The DSfilter tweaker will run from the downloaded exe file so you wont need to install it as such, just click on it to load. Once loaded click on the middle of the three buttons marked "tweeks" this brings up a dialogue and you need to tick the first box "Microsoft DTV-DVD Audio Decoder" and the last box "Media Foundation" to disable these codecs in WMP. Save and exit out of the program. Now click on the downloaded or streamed Humax files in SD and they should load up and play correctly in WMP. You can if you are using the custom firmware update install the HD decoder module in the remote browser window. This has the effect of removing the encryption on hd files once they have finished recording and enables you to play HD unencrypted files by downloading or streaming.

ps sorry about not giving actual links but apparently I haven't posted enough yet to avoid the spam detector :-( If someone could post the links for me I'd be grateful. Thanks.
Big thank you for this guys, I have been trying to get my Humax streaming to a client program for ages and hey presto it now works.

No more watching my humax streams on my iPad. :)

Big thank you Guys.