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Could some please tell me which package I need to install (custom firmware), to be able to access the Humax using WinSCP?
I have a Topfield 5810 connected to my network via a ASUS router (running LINUX). I have found WinSCP to be very useful.
I am using WinSCP and connect using the following settings

PortNumber: 22
Protocol: SCP
username: root
password: humax

corrected password
Surely, those are YOUR user name and password? You have changed it/them from the default?

I have not altered the factory default password (still 0000), and is the user name humaxftp?

Cannot connect, access denied.!

What are the user name and password?

FYI: dropbear-ssh is now installed!
Somebody wanna let the rest of us in on what SCP is supposed to do for us?

"WinSCP: open source Windows SFTP client with support for legacy SCP" - so what?
whoops, let's try again

The settings for SSH are

PortNumber: 22
Protocol: SCP
username: root
password: humax

The username and password you are using are for FTP.
Not sure why it's not working for you.

Maybe there is a clue in the following post from af123

opkg update && opkg install dropbear-ssh

Dropbear is a small SSH client/server implementation suitable for using on embedded systems. It's largely compatible with OpenSSH and mostly works the same way (e.g. you can create a /mod/.ssh/authorized_keys file to enable key-based logins).

This package uses passwd/shadow files installed in /mod/etc/dropbear/. The only user that's defined when you first install the package is root with a password of humax but you can change the password or add new users by hand and subsequent package upgrades won't overwrite it. That directory is also where the server keys are placed - they are generated the first time you install the package.

SCP's supported but SFTP isn't just yet. SFTP will be a separate package coming shortly.
Dropbear is installed. Username :root, password:humax

Still not working. Never mind. Running out of time to play tonight. I will try again soon.

Thanks for you time.
After installing dropbear did you make sure it is actually running. You can check its status via the web interface under service management.
Ha. Things seem to be going my way tonight. Having just got file copying/decrypting on the fly working I thought I would try WinSCP again.

Got that working too! This time it was my fault. Simples. I wasn't waiting long enough for the connection! WinSCP threw up a warning box stating that it was over 15 seconds and no connection. I thought it was a time-out message so hit abort. If I had more patience and waited a wee bit longer, the Humax's folder tree would have appeared.

I am one happy bunny tonight.

Thanks all for you help.