Wireless Helper details anywhere?


Hi All, New here and trying to get my head around all the info. I plan on getting my T2 wirelessly connected with the usual edimax dongle and have read of the "wireless helper" being a useful tool for getting the box to connect automatically when powering up. Does the tool do anything else? I've searched the forums and google and not found any kind of package description or release notes anywhere.
The wireless helper ensures the wireless network comes up when the box turns on to record. By default with the T2 the wireless will only come up when the box is turned on to "full on" position for viewing. Having the wireless up when in recording only mode is useful if you go away for example and wish to set a recording remotely, without the helper it would never reach the box (unlike with a wired connection).
Thanks neilleeds. It has just the single feature? I was going to ask if there was any code activating a Wake-On-WLAN ability. However i have just read that the T2 doesnt support Wake-On-LAN either. Oh well.

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Good point af123, my SSID is indeed hidden.
Hoping for WoL is reasonable (but unattainable), but WoW?? :eek: For one thing, the Humax unpowers the USB 5V in stand-by.
Thanks all.
Ezra, i did indeed check out the wiki which stopped me from buying the 7612 and I ended up with the usual 7711UAn.
Black Hole, I knew it was a long shot but thought it was worth asking anyone just on the off chance, oh well. The unpowering of the USB makes sense to me. You say WoL is also unattainable, is that because of lack of hardware support or is it purely the software in which case what are the odds of one of the BYTs working their magic in time?
My Hummy has sadly just gone wireless due to a room decoration and order to remove all wires.

I installed an Eidemax dongle and its working fine but not conencting when the machine boots, I have to manually go into the internet settimnsg once and it connects.

Installed the package mentioned above but cant see anywhere to configure it on webif? I just installed the package and the latest CF, rebooted and no joy. (im in the attic and had to ask the missus to go into that setting to have the wifi connect so i could hit the web if again)

What do i do after the package installs?
We are hoping to sell the house next year so this Damp Proof course and other expenses ate all the spare cash.

And to be honest, ive been so busy labouring, drilling off plaster, sanding floors and paininting that it never occoured to me to network it. All the boys toys have been moved from the living room leaving only xbox and humax on wifi. The Virgin Media copnenction in is the upstairs bedroom and all my otehr hardware is wired upto the attic (NAS etc)

I was hoping that the hummy would be fine. All I want for it to do is be reachable over webif/ftp while im in the attic, i dont bother with youtube on it anymore as its so clunkly.

So wheres the readme ?! ;)
Hmm i wish id seen that before dropping £10 on the usb wireless dongle. I could get that and just use the dongle on my HD FOX T2 but will probably have the same issue ultimately.

So does the wireless helper package not work?

I guess all i need is something to give the wifi a shove and connect as the machine boots.
What do i do after the package installs?
There is no configuration. wireless-helper just brings the wireless online in half-awake (just recording) mode instead of leaving it off.

If wireless isn't coming online automatically, the usual problem is that your wireless point isn't broadcasting its SSID. Is that the case in your setup?
Its a vanilla Virgin Media setup, using WPA2 and broadcasting the SSID. Wifi worked fine on first setup a few days ago but noticed that each time the box comes out of standby I had to goto settings/internet settings and it would connect automatically at that stage. with the on screen popup (i dont have to goto configure) This was before i knew of the package

Today i have installed the package and the latest CF, pressed standby and it didn't connect to wifi.


OK asked the missus to do another standby/power on and left it a minute before connecting to webif and its working, so hopefully thats it now. Maybe the hummy needed another reboot cycle. Hopefully that does the trick!
looks similar to the wee bit of kit Black Hole posted. Definitely keeping that in mind - dongle seems to be working OK now.
It is. The TP-Link 702 can be programmed to be an access point (connect to an existing wired network and create a WiFi network), or a router/access point (no existing network - create a WiFi network with router facilities), or an adapter (connect a non-WiFi device's Ethernet port to an existing WiFi network), or a bridge (connect to an existing WiFi network and provide another WiFi network - though I have not managed to get that function working, it would be useful to create a temporary guest WiFi network with limited range).

I use the router/access point function to create a temporary network to a non-networked HDR-FOX, so I can access the WebIF with my iPad when visiting the outstations. Suitably configured (it saves the config in NV), all I have to do is plug the 702 into the Humax's Ethernet and USB sockets - and bingo I have access (no hardware Ethernet port on an iPad). Brilliant.