Won't come out of standby .. sometimes


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Hi all,

I have an intermittent problem with my Hummy in that it sometimes won't come out of standby. I can tell when this will happen because the clock display normally showing when the power is off has gone missing. It won't respond to the remote or the physical button on the front of the machine. I have to switch it off at the back and then back on again (once I had to do this twice) before it starts to work again.
I'm not the first to have this issue it seems : http://forums.digitalspy.co.uk/showthread.php?t=1347610 - but the suggestion on that forum are not relevant since I don't have a USB stick plugged in etc.

Does anyone else get this problem? Any suggestions? I realise it's not a major issue but when you've paid £250+ for something you expect it to work! :)
I am still on the 1.0.7 firmware - would 1.0.20 help?

I think you mean 1.02.20. Try it certainly, I think that's the first thing Humax would suggest, but it sounds a bit hardware-ish. Is it still in warranty? If so get a replacement - and if your warranty expires soon don't hang about thinking!
Nobody? Good - then it's more likely to be an isolated case with my machine.. if it happens again it's going back to the shop :)