Workaround for failed 'Freesat Tuning' with Zinwell Quad LNB

Captain Faff

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Existing system working for nearly a year with a an old Sky Freesat single LNB and loop through to the second. Bought a (Dish + Quad LNB) kit to avoid trouble with LNB mount adapters for my old dish, by getting a matching set. The upgrade to quad LNB should give both tuners a feed and allow for a second box in the front room.

When it was all connected up and aligned, the picture was fine and the diagnostics showed 85/60 for Strength/Quality. To try and get the system to recognise that it now had two feeds I started the Freesat Tuning option. I now know this would not have helped, but it seemed a good idea at the time. Now the signal would show 85/60 for 10 seconds or so, then drop to zero while in the 'detecting satellite' step and would eventually fail.

I spent a lot of time up and down the ladder rechecking everything and retrying. The box was effectively dead, as I could not even view previous recordings until it recognised some channels. Although you can exit from the 'detecting satellite' step you just get stuck when it can't verify the postcode. The hint in the user guide to try manual didn't help as there was no signal showing under this option. Not even the same transient signal I could see in 'Freesat Tuning'. It looked quite bleak, but........

I tried using exit to get to the postcode then waiting until the signal was showing and then entered the postcode (success) then tried the channel search (fail). After a few more tries I got lucky with the timing and got the channels to start being recognised. Once this had started it seemed to hold the signal and complete. Not all channels were detected, but all the ones I have any interest in watching were.

After the channel detection had completed the box worked as normal. Diagnostics steady at 85/60 for Strength/Quality.

I am still in single LNB loopthrough mode, but at least I am back to where I started and can watch my existing recorded programs and record new ones.

Next step is to get the system to recognise the dual input...hopefully without needing a full reset, but that is another thread.

FYI the box was on 1.00.17 firmware.

I suspect that I will replace the LNB, but this workaround got out of a hole and may be of help to others.

If anyone has any suggestions for alternate LNBs they would be welcome. Given that the one is the kit is a £10 cheapy, it may be a case of getting what you pay for......

Ideas on how to switch to dual LNB mode from Loop through would also be welcome.
Either factory reset or change the connection mode in the hidden menu is required to change modes. Enter setup menu press Red Green Yellow Blue Green Yellow Blue. Change connection type to two cables (same).

Postcode recognition and correct Freesat mode operation requires access to the Freesat Home Transponder on Eurobird 1 at 28.2E. Using manual tune dial up 11428 H (might say 11427) and look at signal strength quality. If poor or missing most likely doewn to alignment issues (especially lnb skew).
It did turn out to be alignment. Getting 80/60 of 11427H and 90/80 on generic diagnostics now. Postcode and channel recognition goes through straight away.
RGYBGYB worked fine