• The forum software that supports hummy.tv has been upgraded to XenForo 2.1!

    This upgrade brings a number of improvements including the ability to bookmark posts to come back to later. Please bear with us as we continue to tweak things and open a new thread for any questions, issues or suggestions in Site/Forum Issues.

XenForo 2.0 Upgrade

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The software that supports the hummy.tv forums has been upgraded to XenForo 2.0 this morning.

There are a lot of internal changes in this version that improve speed, security and support for modern browsers and mobile devices, and it also looks quite a bit different.
Thanks to a number of testers from our community, we've already tweaked the look and feel quite a bit but there is more to do there so you will notice things change over the coming weeks.

If you have any problems, comments or suggestions relating to this new version, please open a thread in the Site/Forum Issues section.

Many thanks to all those who helped with the test site prior to this upgrade!
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