Your recording schedule contains conflicts; shown in pink below.


So I loaded up all my recordings with the record series option, and all seemed ok. The next day I got an email telling me of a failed recording - so logged in and saw that my entire schedule was reporting the last date in red. So I ran the eprange from diagnostic and that fixed the schedule, but now there are multiple pink entries of recording conflicts. There are too many to change (if I even knew how to), so I am asking how does the humax handle these if I just let it slide and do nothing - ?




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The first two recordings to start will succeed but any other conflicting recording will fail to start recording on time

The easiest way to resolve conflicts is using the Visual tab on Remote Scheduling or the Schedule page - this gives you the option to to skip an episode or cancel the series recording or, if you click on an alternative showing time, to switch the episode or series to the alternative time.
The schedchk package will attempt to resolve conflicts automatically but may not make the best choices.
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