Youview box or HDR2000t + now tv?


I'm not sure about getting a youview box, you seem to lose so many features compared to a hdr2000t (e.g.home networking) just to get a few on demand players. I was thinking I could get a now tv box along with an hdr2000t, but that would mean an extra remote and hdmi connection.
Anyone else thought of this or even done it?
I have a HDR-FOX and Now TV box connected to the same HDMI socket on a TV: it is fine. I tend to use iPlayer on the Now TV box these days as the new version runs so badly on the HDR-FOX: you should be OK with the HDR-2000T though as iPlayer is better on this model. I use a port-powered HDMI switcher box (about £8 from an Amazon seller). It has a little remote control which is useful. The video output is always on on the Now TV box. If you turn on the HDR-FOX it switches input. However, the HDR-FOX (and probably the HDR-2000T) sends a switching signal when it comes out of standby to record, so if you are watching the Now TV box the TV will switch to a blank screen when the HDR-FOX is preparing to do a timer recording. You can either manually switch back using the switcher box remote or, what I do when I am using the Now TV box, is turn on the HDR-FOX then switch back to the Now TV box with the remote so viewing in uninterrupted, whatever the HDR-FOX is doing. Of course, if you have a spare HDMI slot on the TV, even better.
Thanks, I think that's convinced me that's the way to go. Plus the hdr2000t is cheaper than a youview box :)
BTW I have an HDR fox t2, bbc iplayer works fine, and I believe its the latest version.
BBC iPlayer on the HDR-FOX is OK if you go via the search menu and avoid the animated tiles. Try this: when the landing page opens, navigate to the most popular programmes tile, click on it, scroll down to, for example, item 15 on the list and select this programme. It is like wading through treacle.
Ah that'll be why, I've always used the search menu. I've never seen anything I like in the most popular section, I must have odd tastes :)
Try the Panasonic DMR-HWT230EB too. I got mine for £180 for a 1Tb model.