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Hi all, not sure if anyone has used zeebox, it's a neat TV guide with social media integrated. It's got built in LAN remote control support for a few smart TVs, so they could probably add rc support for the Fox T2 quite easily - is there a Dev page that shows the Web requests for each button that I can direct them to? It would be useful to know as it might give me the incentive to knock up a native Android remote control app for the T2. The Web interface is nice but a native app would be cool.
I have had it installed for ages but have not properly explored its functions. I had not even got around to setting it to my region of Freeview! I will try the remote control part on my TV later.
Thanks for the nudge.
It has found my TV but no Remote control yet. It seems that I have to find and turn on Wireless Remote Control in the TV setup menu...
Clearly it's not going to work unless the TV supports remote-control-by-Ethernet.

The easy way in to the ir package is by Telnet, if Zeebox (or a custom app) can send Telnet commands. Check out the ir package forum topic and Wiki entry.
I see what you mean, but the difference between "into" and "in to" is a subject for Assume v. Presume.
is there a Dev page that shows the Web requests for each button that I can direct them to?
IR commands can be sent via HTTP using a URL like:




Available codes can be listed from the command line with the ir command:

humax# ir
Usage: ir <keyname|-keycode> [<keyname|-keycode>]...
Available key names are:
  POWER          STANDBY        SOURCE         ONE            TWO
  THREE          FOUR           FIVE           SIX            SEVEN
  EIGHT          NINE           ZERO           TV/RADIO       MENU
  P-             P+             UP             LEFT           OK
  RIGHT          DOWN           EXIT           MUTE           YELLOW
  GUIDE          RED            GREEN          BLUE           VOL+
  VOL-           BACK           OPT+           INFO           AUDIO
  SUB            PORTAL         SLEEP          LIST           WIDE
  V-FORMAT       PLAY           REC            PAUSE          STOP
  FF             REW            SKIP/BACK      SKIP/FORW      ADDBOOKMARK
  BOOKMARKS      SLOW           TEXT           MEDIA          MODE
  MODE1          MODE2          MODE3          MODE4          MODE5
  MODE6          CURMODE        PVR            TV             DVD