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Hi,new member.I have a hdr-fox t2 which has recently started to go into zoom mode.I have tried the wide button on the remote to no avail,but I have found that by changing back to tv and back again on my tv remote it works ok.does anyone know of an easier way?thanks.:disagree:

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These functions are accessed by multiple presses of the WIDE button or the Menu >> Settings >> Preferences >> Video options. Presuming your TV is widescreen (16:9) and the screen ratio is set to 16:9 on the Humax, none of "Zoom", "Pillarbox", or "Auto" (the three options available) will have any effect on 16:9 source material.

If the material is 4:3 however, "Pillarbox" presents it as 4:3 (ie undistorted) with black regions to the left and right filling the 16:9 screen. "Auto" stretches it horizontally so that the original 4:3 frame now fills the 16:9 display (but everything is short and fat). "Zoom" expands the frame to fill the width of the screen, but cuts off the top and bottom.

Problems sometimes occur when a broadcast is 4:3 material intercut with 16:9 ad breaks. The codes sent to switch between the formats are either not transmitted correctly or are missed at the receiver, and then either the 4:3 content or the 16:9 content can be mis-displayed.

However, as you are fixing your particular problem by switching the TV rather than the Humax, I suggest the problem lies with the TV (confirmed if the WIDE options do not resolve it) - or it is simply a format switching error between ads and programme as noted before (and the HDMI resync forces a reassessment). Note that cycling the VFORMAT also forces an HDMI resync.

See also HERE (click).


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I think the Wide option only works over Coax or Scart.
if you are connected via HDMI, then it might be a setting on your TV that is set to do this.. and its doing it wrong.

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The WIDE button and menu options do exactly what I have described over HDMI, they are adjusting what the Humax actually transmits over the HDMI interface by scaling the source image into the pixel map defined by the VFORMAT setting. I have not tested what it does on the SCART/phono outputs.