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    FVP-5000T: Problem Recording a Film with a mid-way News break

    It has recorded correctly tonight. I have set a recording for tomorrow and I will leave the box on overnight until the recording has taken place. I'll report back tomorrow afternoon. David.
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    How to get detailed individual programme information on EPG?

    Highlight the program and press ok. This is the same for both the 4000t and 5000t. David.
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    New 5000T Very Hot And Screen Anomaly

    You're correct, there is no fan. I'm not aware of any being made in China - both of mine are made in the EU, as is my HB-1000S. David
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    New 5000T Very Hot And Screen Anomaly

    My tv is 1920x1080. I have tried all video resolutions and the effect is the same. I am convinced this is a graphic not a fault. However, I don't see lines above the info box so that is probably a fault. David
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    New 5000T Very Hot And Screen Anomaly

    The pattern is not a fault, it is a graphic design feature. How obvious it is depends on how the tv is set up. And yes, they do run hot! David
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    Thinking of getting the Humax 5000T.

    The FVP 4000T is the same and only £117 from HumaxDirect with a one year warranty. David.
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    UI transparency.

    I've upgraded mine and I would say it is well worth doing. I have previously tried several different versions of official 4000 software on my box and when downgrading a problem sometimes was no remote response. This required a power reset and sometimes a default reset to restore operation...
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    New search can't find most programmes

    It certainly does work on Talking Pictures. Are you using it correctly? Cursor down from the search box and OK to search using the entered search term. Then over to broadcast and there it is.
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    folders in PVR

    Highlight the folder, press OPT+, select delete and press ok.
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    FVP-4000T recording schedule problem

    Try the other forum (myHumax), where there is more support for this box. Barry will be able to help you I'm sure. David
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    Spanish channels on Astra 1 do not appear on downloads

    I had a similar problem some years ago with some transponders missing which turned out to be a faulty diseqc switch. David
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    LED moved + purple recording light

    It is on my current box, but wasn't on the previous one which Humax exchanged for an unrelated problem. David.
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    New update landing 2nd week in Nov

    In an email I've just received Humax say the new update "will cure the random rebooting". I didn't ask about other fixes. David.