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    [tvdiary] TV Diary 0.0.3-5 update with Real Time Scheduling

    Yes, that is what happened to me as well. In NZ it is required by law, but the guy signing off the timesheet tried to short change me by an hour when the clocks went forward, until I pointed out that the employment regulations stipulated that the missing hour was paid as though worked.
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    [tvdiary] TV Diary 0.0.3-5 update with Real Time Scheduling

    Oh, so you are going to have to deal with how many hours you get paid for working through a daylight savings change at 2am ... :frantic: My memories of doing on-call were that the person signing off the overtime sheet generally didn't know the rules.
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    Ch4 programmes missing?

    My webif came right, but my rs is not getting sent the relevant bits in the schedule, although I seem to be able to add things to the schedule in the rs. Now to find the instructions on pushing to the rs ... It did report that there had been a crash when I opened the webif and that something...
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    Ch4 programmes missing?

    OK, must be something missing at the oxford transmitter then ,,
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    Ch4 programmes missing?

    Anyone else have the channel 4 programs missing for saturday? My rs shows programmes up yo 07:10 then nothing for the next 24 hours. The webif shows the same gap. If this carries on then i'll have to manually record the F1 and a bunch of other bits on saturday ...
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    Best TV for use with HDR-FOX-T2

    No, I'm trying to stay away from 4k TVs. I don't see any sense in going to the UHD side when the best I'm going to get is HD anyway. There are a couple of possibles on Amazon, one is a Digihome, the other doesn't seem to have a brand name. Tesco have a Sharp, but I believe that is a 4K.
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    HDR LAN(Wi-Fi) Settings Mysteriously Corrupted

    I use one of these, I think it is the VAP11-G that I have and it has been zero trouble. I wasn't able to get the Humax to talk Wifi on its own.
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    Best TV for use with HDR-FOX-T2

    I am on the prowl for a 39 or 40 inch TV that plays nicely with my HDR-FOX-T2 machines. What makes do peop;le prefer, and what makes/models give problems with HDMI on the T2? I would prefer a model at the £200-250 end of the range ideally. TIA
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    Amusing Items

    There was a similar incident when I was an apprentice. The company I was doing my radio apprenticeship with in NZ was looking at assembling telephones sourced from GE UK. For some reason we had a sample phone and it was passed to the guy in the mechnical workshop for some reason. It happened to...
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    Wot? No season's greetings?

    Is that as in a drink available in a bar? In my case it is Happy Retirement.
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    Assume v. Presume

    Wasn't that a song by Cher ???
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    Bloody Quiet, Innit?

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    Delayed decrypt

    This is part of the reason why I have mine on delayed processing. Stuff like BBC News doesn't even get the bookmarks processing done before it is watched and deleted. Anything else gets delayed processing in the deep dark hours of the night or in the morning when nothing else is generally happening.
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    epg missing in remote scheduling

    I'm having a strange problem with one of my Hummys displaying the selected programs in the RS visual display. The programs list fine on the RS Home page bit don't transfer to the Visual page. At first I thought it was the Daylight Saving switch, but it showed todays (Sunday) programs in Visual...
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    Bloody Quiet, Innit?