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    [rs] Remote Scheduling v1

    I’m really impressed and happy with RS, I’m able to get it to do pretty much everything I’d like and I have a few mishaps but it’s amazing that it’s there and available. I’m not sure you’d be able to easily explain all this in a wiki as it’s getting quite complex - how about a pinned topic on...
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    [rs] Remote Scheduling v1

    I had issues the other day with searching for a program using “paranormal lockdown” when using safari on an iPhone, the issue was the quotes safari used whilst filling the title search field are not normal double quotes which would read as "paranormal lockdown" but rather the italic opening and...
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    [network-shares-automount] package released

    Ah ok I was thinking something like this https://superuser.com/questions/1152073/single-network-share-with-directories-from-multiple-drives But checking the hanewinNfs manual it looks like you may be able to do what you need with exports / mount points https://www.hanewin.net/doc/nfs/nfsd.htm...
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    [network-shares-automount] package released

    Can you do this on your htpc to present both drives as one share perhaps with each a folder underneath ? Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    Beta Offline decryption utility

    So setting to 601 ? Doesn’t it cause processing when they show programs on there ? My wake up is currently bbc 1, will look into how I schedule more on red button :-) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Beta Offline decryption utility

    Hi not meaning to go top off topic but this is what I do without the reminder - can you give me a link to another post or a quick explanation how that helps :-) I have the disable otr overnight and a scheduled wake up in the morning which seems to give enough time, I’d like to schedule more wake...
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    Controlling Box Via Amazon Echo

    RS being linked up would be really useful, being able to instruct Alexa to set a recording or check what recordings are scheduled
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    [rs] Remote Scheduling v1

    Hi Really appreciate the great community here, love my hdr Fox t 2 and rs I am seeing the following message “please rs package on your human to the latest version, thanks” each time I login to the rs website, is it automatic or is my box really out of date as I updated to the latest firmware...
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    Beta [Real-time scheduling] schedule without rebooting

    1tb hdr fox t2 00a8bfd4: 08 19 58 00 ..X.
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    Poll How do you schedule recordings?

    RS for me, the list of what others are recording is pretty awesome and I have a scheduled wake event early each morning so it just works for me :-) 2nd most i use webif, very rarely do i use the guide, when i do i moan how slow it is compared to using ipad/phone and one of these two! Odd...
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    Updating webif packages on CFW 3.10

    experienced same issue on cfw303 I manually update webif usually at least monthly, and had to power cycle last few times (after recordings clear). thanks to this post https://hummy.tv/forum/threads/cant-access-web-if.7226/#post-99833 checked and found it was lighttpd not running after update...
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    [webif] Web Interface 1.3.x

    Thanks Trev & prpr I searched webif stops working and read a few posts then found a similar issue: https://hummy.tv/forum/threads/cant-access-web-if.7226/#post-99833 I wasn't getting internal server error just page cannot be displayed as after updating packages looks like lighttpd was failing...
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    Can't access web if

    (I also updated my CFW to 3.10 as it was 3.03)
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    Can't access web if

    Hi I've had a similar issue each time I upgrade packages webif stopped recently, seems lighttpd service stopped, starting it got me back in without a reboot. Ran fix-flash-packages from cli, results came back with 1 error Re-installing webif Removing package webif from root... Not deleting...