Channel 4 F1 series link annoyance


I’ve got F1 series linked, qualifying and races record every time, qualifying recorded yesterday but it seems today the one live race did not! No failure just seems to be recording the highlights tonight.

Flipping annoying- so no I’m watching on all4 which is garbage quality !

Anyone else experience this ? Any way to avoid again?

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Andy Fox

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I noticed this too. I think it was something to do with the cricket, as I had an entry in the schedule this morning for a much shorter F1 programme on the series link, but when I checked the info button the synopsis was for cricket! I set it manually and there was no series link option.


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Mine recorded most everything except the race. Seems like CH4 screwed up on the series link CRID. Luckily, I watched it live Hee Hee.


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My Digitalstream PVR showed the live race coverage as due to record. But me being a cautious soul (I am a Capricorn you know?) I deleted the series link and set a manual hammock timer to capture all of C4HD from 9am to 9pm to make damn sure I got all the F1 and all the cricket - also needed another manual hammock timer for More 4 from 1pm to 9pm. And just because I prefer TMS to the TV cricket commentary I recorded 5 Live on my Freesat PVR from 9am to 9pm and synced it up.

All went swimmingly though still watching the end of the cricket as I had to go out this afternoon so running several hours behind live.


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I have also been annoyed about the BBC moving TMS from R5SX to 5 Live with the concommitant need to update about what happened in F1 (and the tennis, not that I care about that). Fortunately my strategy of watching the first inning live, then the F1 race then the second innings (only just got to the end of the match as I had to go out this afternoon so was several hours behind live) paid off and I remain unspoilt. :)

(just need to avoid the small print in the sports pages tomorrow as there is another event I want to catch up on)