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    RS: Donate with PayPal

    I did it a while ago with zero problems.
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    Link to virtual

    I know I've seen this on the forums before but search is failing me (partly because I'm not sure what to search for). Id like to add a link so that I can see the contents of virtual as a folder under my video. Could someone assist?
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    Samba shares

    Are you using Buzz player? If so - I'm afraid I can't offer you any help other than to say I've been having the same issue so you are not alone!
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    Dropbear External

    Its the Sangem F@ST2504 but it runs Skys version of the firmware that strangles a few features.
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    Dropbear External

    I dont think my router is clever enough to forward one port to another so will probably be a case of needing to change the port. Appreciate your help on this - Ill write up the solution on the wiki if / when I find it.
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    Dropbear External

    Webif works both internally and externally. Dropbear works internally, but doesnt work externally (using neither the dyndns name, nor the ip). The port forwarding is correct at the router (port 22). I initially assumed Sky Broadband might be blocking the port but I cant find any evidence they do...
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    Dropbear External

    I have the port forward set up for 22. Is there any reason it would choose to reject a connection from the external network?
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    Dropbear External

    Hi, I'm aware that accessing the webif has from external network has been covered already but I have a specific question RE dropbear. I have set up dyndns and the firewall rules for the webif that work sucessfully but the same rules do not work for dropbear. I assume Im missing something...
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    Im hving a few issues getting some media players to connect to the SAMBA share in the modified firmware. Specifically some software insists on a username / password. Should there be something here that I am missing?
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    Cheap media streamer - any suggestions?

    Afternoon, I hope someone can help me. Im looking for a cheap media streamer that will allow me to watch media from the HDR in another room. It must have wifi (I wont be watching HD) and I am indifferent as to whether it uses DLNA or connects directly to the SAMBA share that the modified...
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    Customised HDF file released

    Could the virtual folder in the media tree be given a different name when mounted in this way? That way users could be trained to copy to 'virtual' to remove encryption but to look in 'processed files' (or similar) for the files to watch / delete? I would very much like to see this added to the...
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    Closed Poll Do you use the modified firmware?

    I use it and would rate myself as reasonable savvy although not very experienced outside of a windows environment (I have a linux box in the house but its mostly a dust trap). Id be happy to contribute to a userguide / wiki. For those considering taking the plunge I would say that its easier...
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    Customised HDF file released

    Installed the new one - thanks again. All seems fine apart from the following error on the settings page of webif: Error 500: Internal Server Error CGI program sent malformed HTTP headers: [Runtime Error: /mod/var/mongoose/lib/setup:5: couldn't read file "/mod/var/mongoose/lib/plugin": No such...
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    [webif] Web interface

    Thanks for this - I've noticed curious behaviour when you are copying files - the web interface pop up shows the files as if you are playing them.
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    Customised HDF file released

    Jonesey, I have the same issue (I have a drive plugged into the front USB). I need to start the box and then start the USB to see the custom firmware. Af123 is aware of the problem and hopefully we should see a version of the custom firmware that allows us to have the external USBs plugged in...