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    HDR-Fox T2 Crashing

    Ah, this is a v.good thread - plenty of things to check;
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    HDR-Fox T2 Crashing

    Keith_RAK did you get anywhere with diagnosing/fixing the problem? As of Oct 31st our HDR-Fox T2 started randomly freezing + rebooting. We're running quite an old version of the customised firmware, so when I get home tonight, I'll be upgrading that to see if it makes any difference.
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    New channels

    Not sure, but the custom firmware backs up your schedule automatically. Off topic; I'm a bit disappointed Film 4 isn't HD.. would rather have that than BBC3/BBC4.
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    Quick test

    Ignore me.
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    Remote Scheduling Site Down?

    Working for me too.
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    When is there going to be a replacement for HDR FOX T2?

    With the custom firmware, I'd still go with the HDR-Fox T2 when my current one dies. Can't see anything else on the market matching it for a long time.
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    Basic uses of custom firmware

    As far as I know, you just let it go at it whilst the box is switched on. You could double-check the Opt+ menu in the web interface to see whether there's an option to bring a file to the front of the queue.
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    Basic uses of custom firmware

    You don't need to do much.. just install it from the Packages menu, and it'll start churning through your HD recordings, unprotecting them. It might take a while :-) I've not taken much off the box & haven't hit the 4Gb limit, so can't comment.
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    Basic uses of custom firmware

    Streaming from the Humax box to other devices is enabled out of the box, even without the custom firmware. Use an app like Skifta (to browse the files) and MX Player to play the files back. It'll only work with SD recordings, unless you use the auto-unprotect package in the custom firmware.
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    TV Portal Updated

    Browsing the web on a TV isn't a great experience. I'd rather do it on a tablet or my phone.
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    Just taken a look.. that's brilliant. Just when I thought these customisations couldn't get better.. they do! :-)
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    Any ideas why this has happened to the epgkeywords area.. it used to work & I did have a couple set up.. but it stopped working a few months ago. I guess I should move over to the remote scheduling interface, but quite liked the emails my box sent me :-)
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    Searching for the Perfect DLNA Client (Windows)

    Ah, I am running the auto-unprotect package, so that's why HD works. BTW, if anyone is using a Blackberry Playbook, a really decent media player just added DLNA support, and it works like a charm with the HDR-Fox T2. I shot some video of it in action;
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    Searching for the Perfect DLNA Client (Windows)

    I've been streaming to a Android phone using Skifta and MX Player. It's been handling SD really well, and I've had HD running through it pretty well in the past.. not sure if auto-unprotect is running (need to check tonight if anyone is interested). I notice that Skifta is out for iOS as well...
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    Moving from Toppy 5800 to HDR-FOX T2?

    I moved from the Toppy & don't miss much, especially with the custom firmware + packages that are available. I think the only thing that's missing is how you could record programs in MyStuff by specifying keywords, time ranges, and channels. But that's a minor thing, and I find series linking...