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    Problem mounting network share

    I have a D-Link 320L too and had the same problems with it refusing to mount. I too tracked it down to the underscore in the share name "Volume_1". I use the file editor in webif to manually change the code line starting "folder.. " in the scanmounts file to read: folder=$(ls -1 "$name" |...
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    Incorrect storage space being reported

    Ah thanks that makes sense. Yes I have 3 units which share a unit via foxlink. The shared unit is on all the time so all units should display this issue. A reboot initially fixed it which I thought was weird but now makes sense as I assume it will be "normal" temporarily until the share is...
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    Incorrect storage space being reported

    I've recently added another HDR (graded from Humax Direct) to my collection and have changed the configuration of fox link and network shares automount on my various boxes after reallocating them around our house. This caused some major issues with all boxes freezing and locking up so realised...
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    Parental Control

    You can use the select / select all options within a folder and mark some or all contents and then lock them in one batch. I have done this on 100+ files in one folder on my NAS. Of course non-ts files like MP4 are ignored.
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    Schedule backup restore after re-tune

    I had a similar issue yesterday. I retuned and restored the kids HDR and the Channel 5 events restored correctly but all the Cbeebies (71) scheduled events restored as CBBC (70).
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    [foxlink] Simple way to link a HD to a HDR.

    It does work for me. I have 2 HDRs with foxlink installed that access the content of a 3rd HDR. I found it will not work both ways i.e. Foxlink on two machines sharing content both ways. This caused problems with the boxes freezing. Fortunately this isn't a setup I needed. I believe you could...
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    Unit freezes when playing mp4 files

    If it happens again I will investigate those items first, thanks. In hindsight and with more time and without the added pressure of "what have you done now" ringing in my ears I may have suppressed the panic mode that kicked in and sought to logically try a wider range of different things to...
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    Unit freezes when playing mp4 files

    This problem seems fixed now following a factory reset, drive reformat and re flashing firmware. I did the whole works on it so I'm not sure which action fixed it but something worked. I hope it doesn't happen again any time soon.
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    A few observations on a failing hard drive and fitting a replacement

    I also have a 1TB HDR that is a few months old. It appears to give the same 4kalign result as Wallace. i.e. >>> Beginning diagnostic 4kalign Running: 4kalign --> This is an Advanced Format (AF) drive. Model Number: ST1000VM002-1CT162 Logical Sector size...
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    Unit freezes when playing mp4 files

    Ok fix-disk results below. On restart the box started playing, stopping etc mp4s ok for 30s or so but now is playing and will not let me stop an mp4 file i.e. unresponsive to remote. Checking disk sda Using superblock 0 on sda3 Using superblock 0 on sda1 Using superblock 0 on sda2...
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    Unit freezes when playing mp4 files

    Thanks. The files are either iPlayer or YouTube files saved using the custom firmware. Some have been played previously. I'm running fix disk again now...
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    Unit freezes when playing mp4 files

    Hi all. Today one of my HDRs has started freezing when trying to play, pause or stop mp4 files. The only solution is to power it off at the switch or reboot via webif. But on reboot the same thing happens if you try and play an mp4. I've tried it on a number of files from different sources. I...
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    Chrome and humax web portal

    I have also noticed this recently. However this has been happening for several days before the recent Mongoose upgrade so I don't think they are necessarily related.
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    DLNA over powerline adapters

    That's great thanks. The instructions on the wiki were first class. I've done my 3 HDRs. It took a little while and I'm not relishing doing it again on another CFW version!
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    DLNA over powerline adapters

    My problem is now fixed so thought I'd post in case anyone else gets the same issue. I managed to get my pair of pass through powerline adapters working again with the TP-Link beta firmware. This is available on as IPNightly posted. My other...