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    [rs] Remote Scheduling v1

    OR is "If any of ..." which in text format is or {hour {< 21} hour {> 23} lcn {> 100} } action stop The RS advanced rules are based on the Sweeper package rules which are documented here You can create complex tests using nesting of conditions (I will swap rule order in my tests)
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    [rs] Remote Scheduling v1

    As I expected I got a list of the News at Ten on BBC One South but not the BBC One HD news but I also got a report for the first matching Stop action (but fortunately not all matching programmes - because that would be hundreds) Hummypkg Remote Scheduling <> 09:13 (8 minutes...
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    [rs] Remote Scheduling v1

    I haven't tried a STOP action on RS before so have no experience but from the email it appears that has applied the stop action but it it not clear while it is emailing you to tell you that it is doing nothing. I have set up some new rules: I would hope to get an email listing the BBC One...
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    [CFW 3.13] Customised Firmware v3.13 released.

    There was a recent security update to Google Drive that invalidated some old public file links, If you create new public links to the download and put the new links in the wiki etc we should be OK (or remove the Update) I received an email from Google in July for some shared files I own but...
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    Does lots of multiply-claimed blocks mean that my drive is dying?

    First try running fix-disk in maintenance mode before considering anything more drastic, AFAIK multiply chained blocks is a software corruption rather than a hardware issue.
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    Is it possible to have recordings over a certain age be removed from the DVR ?

    Or you can set auto-expire options for a folder:
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    BBC Series have not scheduled

    For the Olympics they used they used the same crid for all of the programmes so it wasn't possible to set a set a series record for the daily Today at the Games summaries without also recording all of the overnight live broadcasts yet another BBC ineptitude, Channel 4 were much better with the...
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    EPG Went AWOL

    Another reason for a regular external timer reboot!
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    BBC Series have not scheduled

    I think the real ineptitude occurred many years ago during the creation of the EPG format specification; They missed the opportunity to include within the EPG data dedicated fields for series number, episode number, new programme/repeat as well as a more logical split programme indicator...
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    After repeatedly rebooting for more than a week, the PVR is working again.

    Have you deleted some older recordings having watched them? Sometimes its a corrupted file that causes issues and once deleted the problems go away,
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    Issue with DLNA server causing reboot loop

    When trying to identify rogue recordings I have had some some success looking to see which files are unexpectedly inuse. See I have mainly used it when the system is failing to shut down correctly but it may also help...
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    Repair Shop Missing [SOLVED, probably]

    I record virtually all of the programmes we intend to watch - even those we expect to watch live, the only exceptions are those we wouldn't bother to watch later.
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    Repair Shop Missing [SOLVED, probably]

    Recorded correctly at 8pm on BBC ONE South (Rowridge) the High wire programme was at 7pm
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    Remote power-on

    I am sure it has been discussed before AFAIK The network is not active in full standby so can't respond to wake-on-LAN signals The Humax doesn't respond to the HDMI-CEC link commands so your TV cant turn on Humax (but might crash...
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    Register of Weird Crash Symptoms

    I have seen it a few times in the past - it is one of the reasons I put a check into schedchk to see if the .ts files for supposedly active recordings were actually growing