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    [tunefix-update] Automated Freeview channel updates

    It seems that Gold may be about to launch on Freeview in place of Dave Ja Vu on LCN23, so the the swap of Dave ja Vu with CCXTV was likely to get a more prominent place on the EPG for the reason mentioned above.
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    Lost sound

    I've had a couple of occasions where the Roku box attached to the other HDMI port on my TV loses sound inexplicably. As the OP has found, the only fix is a factory reset of the TV. Strange. So far it hasn't affected the port that the Humax is attached to.
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    Seem to have lost bbc4 hd

    Had the exact same problem, a reset to factory settings solved it. Don't know if it's relevant, but I'm on Rowridge as well.
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    Words we cannot abide.

    I'm really starting to miss the g from '-ing' as increasingly people forget that it is there. It's all streamin', hurtin', buildin'...
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    Interesting Items...

    Try It gives you a 'street view' simulation of the pass from your house so you know in advance which way to look.
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    Since we'll all be locked in our houses, Coronavirus

    From reading Facebook yesterday, it's frightening to discover what people believe. One poster was going into meltdown about having to throw away her home router 'because it's 5G'. She was imploring everyone else to do the same...
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    HDR Fox-T2 not completing start up

    CeX also seem to have stock in various grades.
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    Missing DetectAds Icons Chrome Browser

    OK done that, no change.
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    Missing DetectAds Icons Chrome Browser

    This is strange, for some reason the detectads icon has disappeared from the webif on Chrome. All is fine if I use Firefox. All recordings shown have had their adverts detected, but the icon is not showing next to each, and also on the context menu it is missing as well.
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    Random Crashes

    Just to follow up: Disk was only installed 10 weeks ago, so showed no problems DLNA database reset had no effect Disconnecting from the network had no effect System flush worked - the box is stable again.
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    Random Crashes

    The network connection is wireless. I've had dnla-filter installed for ages and it's only in the last week that the random reboots have been happening. As far as I know nothing has changed on the network but I will triple check with the kids just in case one of them is 'trying' something...
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    Random Crashes

    My HDR has started randomly crashing - sometimes up to six per day and usually when something is recording... Is a CFW reset the way to go? Or a system flush?
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    Keeping up-to-date with channel moves

    Also: Movies4Men has moved to COM4 The additional Wimbledon channels (602 - 606) have appeared on COM8
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    [tunefix-update] Automated Freeview channel updates

    From RXTVlog: "Home moves to channel 12 in preparation for the split of UKTV. The channels will be split between BBC Studios and Discovery. Home is to be taken over by Discovery. Once under Discovery's ownership, Discovery will have control over what goes on channel 12 - expected to be Quest."
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    Keeping up-to-date with channel moves

    As mentioned already, RXTVlog on Facebook / Twitter is the suggested replacement for a516.