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    Of all the possible combinations they've done, this has always been my favourite
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    File transfer problem when using HDR FOX T2 as media storage

    Regarding NFS support in Windows, this goes back to at least Windows Vista, but only in the ‘Pro’ rather than ‘Home’ versions (or in the case of Vista I think it was called the ‘Ultimate’ version). ‘Server’ versions of Windows have also had it for many years.
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    Need Help For Extracting Audio From Video

    Pedantic I know but yes, and the Stack Overflow link quoted as well actually. I’m off now to try and extract blood from a stone… 😀
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    Need Help For Extracting Audio From Video

    And good luck trying to ‘extract audio from video’
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    E4 Jason Bourne? Issues with E4, E4+1, 4Music, etc

    Even when it appears to be running well there are sometimes 'running by the seat of the pants' events that the viewers never see. A long time ago now, but in the mid 90's I remember a sports magazine programme that went out on a Tuesday evening and was edited right up to the wire, with the...
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    E4 Jason Bourne? Issues with E4, E4+1, 4Music, etc

    It ain’t simple. A hell of a lot of server hard drives have been damaged due to the acoustic shock caused by the fire suppressant discharge. Specialists are having to be called in, drives are having to be replaced, RAIDs rebuilt, backups reinstated etc, etc.
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    Graham Thompson

    Fair enough, it’s a repost. I don’t think criticising was in good taste though. That’s MY entitled opinion.
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    Graham Thompson

    Just take the OP’s point of view for a second. He specifically took the trouble to join this forum to pass on the sad news and he’s been presented with criticism of his Dad and an ongoing disagreement, at what must already be a difficult time. If that was me I‘d be thinking ‘Why the hell did I...
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    Puzzle Corner

    Not wishing to get into the argument as to whether any particular Sudoku is unfair or not, there's a lot of fun to be had watching the Cracking The Cryptic YouTube channel They solve 'crafted' Sudokus i.e. not random computer generated...
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    Aura apps

    I think that from the very small number of topics and responses in this section of the Humax forums you could infer that not a lot of members have much experience or great interest in the Aura (as yet), so getting authoritative answers around specific app support might be might be more difficult...
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    Seen on eBay: a seller who thinks the Humax remote app works on HDR-FOX!

    .. so the seller is arguably correct in that they don't state 'official' Humax app, albeit support is for Android only.
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    My Humax has died :sob:

    3.15A is a common fuse, and an ISO R10 value based on dividing up tne numbers between 1 and 10 into a Renatd Series, which is a geometric series of 10 steps in this case (hence R10), though other series also exist with more or less steps. You start with 1 and multiply up each time by the 10th...
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    My Humax has died :sob:

    There is also a PCB mounted fuse next to the mains inlet connector, the small round black component. Would be worth checking this for continuity. That said, if it HAS blown then it probably has done so for a good reason. From the pictures there doesn’t appear to be any capacitor leakage. One...
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    My Humax has died :sob:

    The yellow stuff is simply to hold the components in place and stop them detaching themselves due to vibration. It is common on certain high voltage components.
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    Interesting Items...

    I'm guessing it might topical and something to do with the re-opening of pubs, but sitting outdoors only. Given the current outdoor temperatures, pints of beer might actually need warming up rather than cooling down, but you need to hack the accumulated ice off the heater first. ... or I could...