1. E

    Box Dying - Might move ( back :) ) to MythTV - EIT Season-Episode Question

    Sure this is a very cheeky question, The Humax Fox-T2 rocks but I might soon be offering mine to the community. It will be a sad day. Still the nicest smoothest TV Guide interface I have. Before Humax I was running MythTV, and it was good, if not a bit lame on the interface. I fired one up...
  2. Luke

    One region's BBC1 and ITV SD channels in another region's EPG stream

    The London Crystal Palace transmitter is including the Anglian BBC1 SD and ITV SD data in both its EIT pf and EIT sch. Similarly the neighbouring Anglian Sudbury transmitter is including the London BBC1 SD and ITV SD data in its EIT pf and EIT sch. Any ideas for why this has been done? And...