One region's BBC1 and ITV SD channels in another region's EPG stream


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The London Crystal Palace transmitter is including the Anglian BBC1 SD and ITV SD data in both its EIT pf and EIT sch.
Similarly the neighbouring Anglian Sudbury transmitter is including the London BBC1 SD and ITV SD data in its EIT pf and EIT sch.

Any ideas for why this has been done? And has anyone noticed this happening for other transmitters?

Could this be connected with the d-book 8 changes from d-book 7? My understanding is that receivers compliant with D-book 8 should save non-regional channels from the strongest transmitter (even if they are from a different transmitter).
The problem I have with that thought is that it is inconstant. While BBC1 SD and ITV SD for a different region are included in the EIT streams the out of region data for ITV+1 and ITV HD are not included.


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The foreign EPG sch entries still only appear in the programme guide if you are tuned into that foreign channel. If tuned to more than one BBC One they both get populated in the epg even if you never switch to any of the second transmitter's channels. Additionally recordings never fail for either BBC One SD and ITV SD no matter which other channel you are watching or recording.


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Not exactly monitoring.

I used an HDR-FOX T2 on pre 1.02.20 software to see what was happening.
Over a year ago if you were using a Humax freeview or youview recorder to watch a channel from one transmitter/region then a recording from the other other transmitter/region would fail (unable to track) if the channel to be recorded was from one of the PSB multiplexes. Some time last year BBC One SD stopped failing. After a few score of quick tests I narrowed it down to just BBC One SD and ITV SD that had changed. Some of the tests were also for the local news programmes and these were also OK providing they were from BBC One SD or ITV SD but not the HD versions or ITV+1.

Checking the EITsch only occurred to me about a week ago. Using an HDR-FOX T2
  • Factory default the HDR-FOX T2 to make sure that the channels are cleared
  • Scan and save PSB1/BBC A from one transmitter/region
  • Scan another PSB1/BBC A from a different region but do not save yet
  • Remove the aerial
  • Save the second instance of PSB1/BBC A
  • Check that the second instance of PSB1/BBC A's channels in the epg are not populated
  • Change the watched channel to one from the first instance of PSB1/BBC A
  • Leave for a minimum of 5 minutes
  • Check the epg population.
All the channels from the first instance will be populated. For the channels from the second region BBC One stands out as being populated with the others remaining blank.
Similarly for PSB2 and ITV SD but not ITV+1.

Is there any other explanation for this behaviour apart from BBC One SD and ITV SD for one region being included in another region's EITsch and EITpf?


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And has anyone noticed this happening for other transmitters?
I've just got around to checking this - using a DVB-T dongle attached to my laptop.
In the East Midlands (Waltham transmitter), the BBCA multiplex contains EPG items for BBC1 and ITV adjacent regions. I can find data for West Midlands, 2 x North, and East.
I have some data from 3 years ago and this shows exactly the same combination of EPG items from adjacent BBC1 and ITV regions.