1. MymsMan

    [schedchk] Check recording schedule and fix problems

    I have uploaded a new package, schedchk, to the Advanced packages section of the package catalogue. The purpose of the new package is to check scheduled recordings against the EPG and reschedule, if possible, entries that don't match the EPG It was prompted by the daily moving of Pointless...
  2. Cyberdame

    How to get detailed individual programme information on EPG?

    I have a FVP5000T Freeview recorder and the one thing that bugs me is the fact there is no Info button on the remote. When I bring up the EPG I find it useful to read the details of the individual programmes. There must be a stratightforward way of achieving this on such a sophisticated unit...
  3. Matthew

    WebIf Tweaks: Button to reset the EPG when incomplete

    Every now and then you boot the machine only to find the EPG is incomplete, apparently this should eventually resolve itself but if your impatient you can fix it by issuing service epg restart in the cli. But that's a hassle to get to so the following adds a button to the EPG (grid mode) to do...
  4. Matthew

    Problems with Tunefix

    There seem to be a number of bugs in the webif around favourites and tunefix seems to exacerbate them to an extent. If favourites are renamed on the box it creates multiple issues in the webif, however the main issue with tunefix is that following a reboot/power cycle the renamed favourites are...
  5. Matthew

    Favourite list not populated

    Having added the option to choose the favourite from directly within the EPG I decided to create an additional favourite list, so did that on the box yesterday but noted the change is not reflected within the webif. Switch on today and its still not there! I`ve applied service epg restart but...
  6. Matthew

    WebIf Tweaks: Changes to the EPG

    This thread it about potential alterations to the current EPG, though it works great as it is (thanks to af123 for all the work) there are areas where I feel it could be improved and I would be interested to hear how others feel on the matter. I have already posted on a few changes, for example...
  7. Matthew

    Changing EPG Grid style width

    Hi, it bugs me that the EPG in grid style is a fixed width and in my case is squashed onto 2/3 of the screen, would be much better filling the screen. I've searched the css files and can find nothing that relates, I`ve also looked for the script that creates the EPG but can't find that either...
  8. S

    EPG Search stopped working HDR-1000S

    My search has gradually been showing fewer results. Today shows no results. I have tried cleaning the hard drive, turning off the power and removing the supply, and reconnecting to the internet (which should not have any effect I beleive). I dont want to do a ful reset if avoidable as tis will...
  9. ribrob

    Old items appearing in filtered EPG Content Type Searches

    Whenever i filter the EPG - by Film/Drama for example - using the content type search feature, i get items from all the way back in January of 2016 coming up along with the current ones. Anyone know why that would be? Is there database somewhere that's got corrupt or that i need to flush...
  10. Dave F.

    Full program length not shown in EPG

    Hi Not the most important bug/problem, I admit, but in EPG grid mode a program that's half displayed it shows the length of program as ending at the time the window's extremities displays, in the tooltip display when a mouse is hovered over the listing. This screen grab should clarify...
  11. O

    Channel delete not working

    A couple of channels appear on my Freesat EPG when I switch it on, even though I had previously deleted them the day before. Does anyone know why? At present, the offending channels are Kix & Kix + 1, but sometimes other channels are a nuisance, usually in the 800 - 899 range.
  12. O

    Invasion of EPG by deleted channels

    I have just used the Custom Firmware to mark over 130 channels as 'Hidden'. Many of these channels were not new, but ones I had previously excluded in the same way. These channels, in the ranges 400-, 500-, 600-, 700-, 800- and 900- all appeared this afternoon when I switched on. Yesterday...