Old items appearing in filtered EPG Content Type Searches


Whenever i filter the EPG - by Film/Drama for example - using the content type search feature, i get items from all the way back in January of 2016 coming up along with the current ones.

Anyone know why that would be?

Is there database somewhere that's got corrupt or that i need to flush?

Thanks in advance!


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It's not corrupt, old items do persist in it. The search process could be improved to not flag up old entries.


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The crappy Humax software seems to 'forget' about expiring a small number of old entries. Reasons for this are unknown. The only way to get rid of them is to delete the epg.dat file, but you'll need the customised firmware to do that, or format the disk.


Ah - prpr i now realise i've posted in the wrong place! I am using the customised firmware. Where can i delete epg.dat from? (And how do i move this thread to the right place!?)