EPG Search stopped working HDR-1000S

My search has gradually been showing fewer results. Today shows no results.
I have tried cleaning the hard drive, turning off the power and removing the supply, and reconnecting to the internet (which should not have any effect I beleive).
I dont want to do a ful reset if avoidable as tis will lose my recordings.
Any other suggestions please?
Model number HDR-1000s/1010s
SW UKSFAA 3.00.77
Loader version UKSFAA 1.08
Update 26 Jun 2017
MICOM version UKSFAA 8.04.01
TIA Martin


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You should be able to do a reset without losing recordings - don't choose the (disk) format option. If it's like our 1010S the format is actually in a separate part of the menu structure, so you can find it and then avoid it.


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I've done a full rest and the problem is partially solved. Search still not working correctly. E.g. searching 'despicable' gives no reults but 'despicble me' does. Searching 'bond' gives some programmes including 'bondi beach' but searching 'bondi' gives no results.

All the recordings are gone. Not having any way to back up recordings is a real flaw in this device.
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