1. S

    Maintenance mode rewrites hundreds of bad sectors

    Hiya, (newbie first posting). I've had a HDR-FOX T2 for several years and following disk issues ran fixdisk. I upgraded the firmware using and also reinstalled the webif. Fixdisk found multiple bad sectors but it was always able to rewrite them successfully, but...
  2. MontysEvilTwin

    HDR-FOX Lock up - custom firmware problems afterwards

    One of my machines locked up and I had to switch it off using the rear switch. After turning it back on, I could not access webif: it gave me a '500 - internal server error'. I ran fix disk which corrected a number of filesystem errors. A second fix disk run gave no errors, but still no webif. I...
  3. Peso

    Telnet Putty Question

    Hello to all, I suspect I am going to be asked to run "fix-disk" on my brothers HDR soon. I also suspect it will take DAYS to run. I am hoping some one can advise me if it possible, once the process has started, that you can close Putty, shut the PC down, then log in again the next day to see...
  4. !nd!go

    Fix-disk failing to run "Error - pending sectors but LBA not found"

    Hi All, Over the last couple of months my HDR box started throwing up some issues to the point now where it is a regular problem. These issues are in the form of playback interruption (freezing and image degradation) during most recordings; recording failing to start or failing in the first few...
  5. MontysEvilTwin

    Pending Sector won't Reallocate

    One of my units flagged disk errors (lines 197 and 198 of the smart statistics): there are eight pending and offline uncorrectable sectors. I have run fix-disk; it asks if I want to repair a sector, I select 'y' and it says that this was successful, but then asks if I want to repair the same...
  6. MontysEvilTwin

    Odd WD Purple Behaviour

    I have a 2TB WD Purple (WD20PURX-64P6ZY0) which I have been testing in a HDR-FOX for the last week. there has been some confusion as to whether this model is suitable for use in a PVR. Recent discussions (see here) indicate that it is not the best choice. I have already noticed some odd...