Telnet Putty Question


Hello to all,

I suspect I am going to be asked to run "fix-disk" on my brothers HDR soon. I also suspect it will take DAYS to run. I am hoping some one can advise me if it possible, once the process has started, that you can close Putty, shut the PC down, then log in again the next day to see how the process is getting on?
Or must the PC and Putty remain connected at all times to the HDR to see when it finishes?
Also, does this apply to the FOX T2 too? Want to run it on my parents boxes too.

Should have bought shares in Humax.

Thanks for reading
If I'm lining the no and yes's correctly I understand the PC and Putty MUST remain connected. Thought that would be the case. Thank you for clarifying.

If one of the Whys is for why I think it will take days, this is based on my personal experience. When I first ran fix-disk on one of my HDRs when it was exhibiting problems, it took nearly 4 days to complete. Ran it second time and took less than 2 hours. My brothers box is over 6 years old and often freezing when playing back recordings, at the same point in the recording. So, if I've mapped the second Why corretly, its because fix-disk seems the best first step, especially as it has never been run on that drive.
I guess the answer to that is he doesn't want to leave the PC on for a long time; maybe a notebook that he wants to move elsewhere. As a matter of interest would it be feasible to port screen to to the Humax to cope with this sort of situation?
The "Why?"s were in response to the first two sentences. Nothing to do with the PC.
I think "screen" is unlikely.