1. zeltus

    Newby guide needed please

    Hi. I've moved t France and have dug out my venerable Humax Foxsat-HDR PVR. It mostly seems to be working :) But I really can't extract any recording from it, no matter what I use, it either doesn't recognise my USB stick or won't copy "file too large" to it. I've been reading the posts...
  2. C

    Can't access media menu -- "No channels are currently available"

    Hi, I have got a humax box with some great recorded stuff on it and I no longer have a satellite dish. When I use it, I am am greeted with "NOTICE: No channels are currently available" which then forces me into the menu. Is there a way to access the media menu WITHOUT a satellite connection...
  3. B

    Incorrect Recording Naming

    Newbie here. Firstly, many thanks to Raydon and Nowster for a fantastic bit of work. Merry christmas to you both. Yesterday I recorded Indiana Jones - and the temple of Doom. Today I recorded Indian Jones - The Last Crusade. I did select series recording to get them all. When I check the...