1. S

    Transferring HD recordings from Humax to PC/Decrypting DTCP-IP files to view on PC

    Hi, I have various recordings on my Humax which I would like to view on the PC. I've set up the Humax as a Simba server, which brings up the device on my PC where I can view all of the recordings. From what I gather though, the HD recordings are encrypted, so cannot be played as is. Is there...
  2. R

    Export SD from Aura via FTP

    One of my two Fox T2s has failed (no signal), so I am reluctantly thinking of getting an Aura. I am aware that it has an FTP server, can I transfer SD Aura recordings to PC via FTP, if so will the recording be decrypted and viewable with VLC etc? I have seen something about this on the forum...
  3. waveneydave

    Can't get a directory listing through Filezilla FTP for My Video Folder. My Photos and My Music are both fine

    I have been FTPing into my Humax T2 for years and never had any problems. I use Filezilla. I can connect through FTP and I can browse/upload/download into My Photo and My Music, but i cannot get a directory listing for My Videos??. Any ideas what could be going on or how to resolve this. I...
  4. Dave F.

    Unable to upload folders using filezilla

    Hi Filezilla is setup & I've been successfully downloading from the unit to my PC for years. I wish to use Humax's hard drive as a temporary backup for different types of files on my PC. I'm able to upload files, & empty folders, but any folder(s) that contain files return these errors...