Can't get a directory listing through Filezilla FTP for My Video Folder. My Photos and My Music are both fine


I have been FTPing into my Humax T2 for years and never had any problems. I use Filezilla. I can connect through FTP and I can browse/upload/download into My Photo and My Music, but i cannot get a directory listing for My Videos??. Any ideas what could be going on or how to resolve this. I often move content over FTP onto my Humax so we can watch it on the TV downstairs. For about the last 2 weeks I have been unable to move content into the My Video folder. I was able to FTP content into the My Music folder, but it was .mp4 and .mkv files and therefore did not show up on box . Our humax is also connected to the smart tv and recognised as a media server bit weirdly only the My Video folder shows up, not the My Music or My Photos (so the files i was able to upload today into My Music aren't accessible). I am still able to watch, edit, delete files that i have already FTp into My Video folder from 7 years ago to 14 days ago!
How do things look through the on-box UI (ie via Media on the remote)? Can you list stuff in My Video? Can you show programme info, play programmes, perform Opt+ operations?

Re weirdness, I believe that the Humax's built-in DLNA server filters the available items differently between My Video/Music/Photos: if you have (eg) no files recognised as music in My Music, the TV may not show that "content folder".
on box UI is fine. Can list everything on My Video both natively(HDMI) and through the smart TV interface. Can perform all operations this way. I think you must be right re: DLNA server filtering content. So my attempt at work-around namely to upload movie files to music folder didn't work
So it seems to be a specific issue with just the My Video folder and FTP?!
are there other "easy" options [easy meaning not requiring moding etc] to copy content from my mac to the humax other than FTP. Can I transfer files using a HDD or memory stick into My Video Folder for example? (until i can resolve the FTP issue)??
I suppose you've "turned it off and turned it on again"? That's the only way to be sure that the FTP server is reset. Or if you're running CF then the question should be continued in that forum ...

If you can use the on-screen UI to move recordings, then you should be able to use either the front (easier) or rear USB2 socket with a USB storage device to copy stuff on to the box. You'll have to use FTP to clear any stuff that you've put in the Music or Photos folders, unless you put it in sub-folders, because the on-screen UI filters file-types like the DLNA server.
Do you have the custom firmware installed and if so have you installed the betaftpd package (and turned of the native ftp) ?

betaftpd resolves a number of problems with the standard ftp supplied by humax

Also using the CF you can use samba to allow you to mount the humax disk on your computer and access files directly without needing ftp.
I don;t have CF installed. Thing is my FTP has been working and behaving finr for nearly a decade! until a few weeks ago. And what is more it behaves fine still everywhere EXCEPT for the My Video folder!. So it is something to do with that folder. I was already able to delete the contents of My Music folder that I had copied some movie files into. I WAS ABLE to do this using Filezilla!! this is very weird. I'm going unplug humax and leave it for 24 hrs then switch back on with fingers,toes crossed and se if hardreset has sorted FTP server for all folders, wtf!!!?? lol
Have you (inadvertently) created a fillzilla filter that excludes My Video?
Can you access the directory via command line FTP?
Command line ftp on mac no longer available...but i can see the My Video folder and the My Photos and My Music. I can enter the music and photos but NOT the My Videos. It won't return a directory listing

oh and i checked, there are no filters set in FZ ;)
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This may be a filezilla issue? I downloaded and tried cyberduck...but alsa it won;t connect to the server at all! [rools eyes]. Filezilla has been soooo reliable and this is the first time I have had any issues for years. I wonder what could have happened? Maybe an OSX security update (but if that how come i can access My Photos and My Music but not My Video?
You should be able to use ftp via a web browser
e.g. (upate url as needed for your machine)
I do have cf and betaftpd installed
without cf or betaftpd installed
I don't think that would matter - but it would depend on the particular web browser offering FTP capability. The main problem with the native FTP server is that it has a restricted view of the file system.
I can FTP to server using OSX via "Connect to server" From Go menu item. Enter IP address and username password. It conne ts to the server and shows it ok in finder but it is empty. My Videos, My Music and My Music folders ARE NOT visable. the plot thickens. I am considering th CF approach but not convinced it will help and also worried I may make things worse or break something!!
So its not a OSX mac issue specifically. I pulled out an old linux laptop and have exactly the sae issue with that! Can FTP in and see My Photos and contents, My Music and contents I can see My Videos but I can't list contents of that file...aghhhhhh COuld there be something in that folder blocking listing. Maybe a dodgy non ASCII character or rougue hidden file or lock file or something?
I have had the CF so long that I cant remember what the standard firmware supports.
If you can telnet into the humax you could try exploring the file system to see if there is anything odd lurking in the My Video directory
Simplest would be if it has lost its Read permission flag (though I would expect that to impact the on TV display)
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just installed the CF. Waiting on reboot, taking ages. Then you said to install nfs-utils package? Do I do that from the web interface?