1. R

    Resurrecting Subtitles after Copy/Move to USB/Hard Drive

    I have a Humax fvp5000t but I hope this should work for older models too. You've Copied or Moved a programme to your USB stick or Hard Drive and some time later you'd like to watch it again with the Subtitles still intact ... do this: 1) Make sure that the programme files are in THE EXACT SAME...
  2. Howard Woods

    Premature subtitles

    On our hdr-Fox t2, we have subtitles on permanently to help with our failing hearing. There is just one problem with some programmes, notably with replays of old Midsummer Murders! We notice that when we rewind a live play, or run a recording, the subtitles can appear before the actor actually...
  3. D

    Handbrake files & subtitles

    I can use Handbrake to convert files downloaded via get-iplayer to .m4v files, including the .srt subtitle files, and the result is playable, with subtitles, using vlc. But when I transfer the same files to my Humax HDR Fox T2, the subtitles don't work. They either won't appear, or they appear...
  4. MontysEvilTwin

    Copying Subtitles and additional audio streams - ffmpeg patch?

    Nicesplice is handy for removing adverts from recordings, but I have noticed that when the cropped files are played back on the HDR-FOX, the sound drops out for a few seconds after each join. If the dialogue starts quickly after a join it is sometimes necessary to leave a few seconds of the...
  5. A

    Subtitles out of sync

    I have the following problem with subtitles going out of sync on some programs; If I play back a recorded program from the humax, every few minutes the subtitles will stream onto the screen and run ahead of the dialog. The dialog will sometimes catch up if left alone long enough. Here is the...