0GB on internal HD

There is probably more than one way to fix it but my thought was just to insert something like the following near the beginning of the fix-disk script.

if [ ! -d /var/lib/humaxtv/mod ]; then
  mkdir /var/lib/humaxtv/mod || exit 1

Alternatively this directory could be created earlier on in the modinit script, before it aborts due to the read-only status of the hard disk.
Modinit may never have run if the disk failed to mount. Your addition to fix-disk looks good but we'll probably never have this same situation again!
I suppose it depends on how many unmodded boxes there are, how likely is if for the disk to become corrupt and how likely they are to come across this web site. In any case I don't think it is worth rushing out a new release just for this problem but the fix should be added to the list of changes for the next release.
Agreed. The way I see it, there is a significant likelihood somebody will find us when they are in search of a fix - and it will score a lot of points if the CF can be loaded entirely to flash and run a disk repair (whatever state the disk has got itself into). If you can't boot into maintenance mode unless there has been a successful write to disk, you're stuck.