1080i screen seems to be stretched from top to bottom


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Hi everyone
I awoke this morning, turned on the hdr and I noticed that the bottom banner had dropped a bit
and any on screen info at the top of the screen had slightly risen.
I have tried the v format button and this problem only occurs when resolution is set to 1080i.
I've had the foxsat hdr for a couple of years and this is the first time this has happened.
has anybody else came across this.
any input will be gratefully received.
What screen setting is your TV set to? Changing that (accidently pressing a button perhaps) can have this sort of effect.
Hi mate, just checked everything on tv and it seems fine.
Bloody frustrating on all other settings it is fine but go to to 1080i and bottom banner drops down
Sorted it was the tv settings, case of early morning thickness.
thanks for reply gomezz